7 Days to Better Health

7 Days To Better Health IN 2021

Sponsored by the Global Holistic Movement

Energy Healing & Systems of spirituality

Royal Shiri Maha Rudraji

The Rudra Healer

Food Is Medicine

Queen Abenu
"The Goddess of Wellness"

Healer, Educator, Advocate

Intro To 

Landon Munchrath

Ann's Health Food Center & Market

7 Pillars of wellness & leaky gut syndrome

Dr.  Jeffrey Hubbard

Research Fellow
Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Medicine

Intro to tarot card reading 

Ramon Williams

Tarot Card Reader / Comedian

Zodiac Signs & Calendar

Baba Yashabiyah Ifabuluje

African Priest

A Wholistic View Of The Martial Sciences

Kancho Darrell Sarjeant

"Silent Warrior Art"

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