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Queen Abenu
"The Goddess of Wellne

Founder, Advocate, Educator, Director 

Queen Abenu founder of the Global Holistic Movement is an advocate for Holistic Healthcare. She is a 30 year veteran that has studied Naturopathic Medicine internationally. Her passion lies in healing the world by any means necessary.

This "Goddess of Wellness" is, a mother of two wonderful sons, two beautiful Grand Children, a former Spa Owner, Inspirational Speaker, World Renowned Talk Show Host , Healer,  Life & Wellness Coach, Certified Nutritionist , Image Consultant, Owner of Queen's Ginger Tea & Body Butters ,Founder of Diva Retreats, Mobile Wellness & The Global Holistic Movement.
Queens vision is not a selfish one, but one that was born when she lost both her Father & Aunt (both dear to her heart) of cancer. I quote Queen as saying , "that deep hurt and lose, is something I never want anyone to have to experience".
Her lose fuels the Global Holistic Movement. Her vision is to someday have wellness facilities worldwide, staffed by wellness practitioners,  that will offer Alternative/ Holistic Medicine as a primary means of healing  the minds, bodies & spirit of families in our communities.
Instead of pharmaceutical drugs, unnecessary operations and misuse of modern medicine to treat  dis-ease & disorders we would work collectively to heal our community and offer education and resources. 

This is my dream..........
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"Together We Prevail, Separate We Fail"

Global Holistic Movement
Committee Members:

Queen Abenu Askerneese          
Dorothy  ElanorTownsend                            
Nigel Askerneese                           
Kat Omorokinni Chukwa                           
Monzella "Mama Dee " Allen MH
Dr. Benita Brown


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