Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word holistic mean?

Holistic is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of an illness. "many people conclude that holistic medicines are beneficial"

Is our body designed to heal itself?

Yes, our body is designed to heal itself. provided you give it the right fuel. We were created from the earth and by connecting with nature the sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet we can heal.

The Body Heals Itself

 A healthy body is one of balance, both mental and physical. Naturopaths believe that illness and injury are disruptions of your body’s normal state of equilibrium. The common naturopathic treatments deal with diet, lifestyle modification, herbal meds, and mind-body therapies (examplesmeditation, chiropractic and etc). 

What Is A Wellness Practitioner?

Wellness Practitioners  working on our platform are seasoned  professional that specialize in Healing  therapies designed to encourage healing & the rejuvenation of our minds, bodies & spirit.

What Role Does A Wellness Practitioner Play In My Life?

Most Wellness Practitioners specialize in certain areas naturopathic medicine and  can advise you on how to heal your body using natural techniques and  resources  

How Can Support This Movement ?

If your a Wellness Practitioner, you can join our movement.. For all others that have an interest in helping out, you can donate on our website and become and active participate in GHM events and lastly, sign-up to be a  volunteer